Individual Therapy

A lot of people are nervous about coming to therapy for the first time, and understandably so.  You don’t usually meet someone and then immediately bare your soul to them.   I will do my best to make you feel comfortable and to respect the pace which feels right to you.  Coming to therapy can be an important and powerful step in addressing any issues that may be troubling you or taking steps to move forward in your life in the direction you’ve been wanting to head.  There is no “one size fits all” about counseling.  I always encourage people to consider meeting with more than one therapist initially to get a sense of different personalities and approaches.  Go with your gut – you need to feel comfortable and have a sense that the person you are working with in therapy understands what you are saying and is able to outline an approach that makes sense and sounds promising.   You might choose to come for just a few therapy sessions if it’s a matter of a “minor tune-up.”  Or perhaps you’ve known that there are some deeper issues you want to address and now is the right time to explore them.  Whatever your situation, I look forward to meeting you and accompanying you on your journey for a while.