E.M.D.R. and Special Techniques

E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

E.M.D.R. is a powerful technique in trauma resolution that literally involves rapidly moving the eyes back and forth while accessing images of the trauma. Useful for both “Capital T trauma” (such as rape, 9/11, or abuse) as well as “Small T trauma” (a difficult break up of a relationship, being “stuck” in a less than ideal job, being a member of a dysfunctional family), E.M.D.R. changes a person’s response to and perspective on a situation. Deep and lasting benefits are achieved rapidly, allowing a person to reflect on a traumatic or painful situation without re-experiencing all of the intense emotions present at the original event. E.M.D.R. is extremely effective with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as nightmares and flashbacks. The websites of the E.M.D.R. Institute (www.EMDR.com) and the E.M.D.R. International Association (www.EMDRIA.org) are good sites to obtain more information about E.M.D.R.

Energy Tapping

Energy tapping involves tapping on various acupressure points that correlate to specific emotions. It can bring immediate relief to someone in distress. Energy tapping has the advantage of being a tool that the client can master and implement outside of sessions. While it doesn’t address deeper issues and core beliefs, it does bring a person in a highly charged situation to a state of neutrality from which s/he can then work towards deeper change. It is a wonderful technique to add to your self-care repertoire.

Guided Meditation, Visualization and Affirmations

Guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations are all powerful tools in the healing process, allowing the client to create a mental image of the situation s/he wants, whether it is a tangible change or an internal change in emotional state, and then attract energy to it while in a deeply relaxed state, allowing it to manifest on a physical plane.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are a unique adjunct to any other form of therapy. They are different from herbs, fragrances, or essential oils in that they contain the etheric imprint of plant energy – the life force essence – rather than any physical substance of the flower. Flower essences are well suited to therapy because they work on an emotional level within a person, stimulating the person’s awareness and allowing them to achieve new perspective and a heightened sense of balance.

N.E.T. – Neuro Emotional Technique

N.E.T. is a mind-body technique that uses principles from both acupressure and applied kinesiology to resolve emotional issues. www.netmindbody.com gives more information about this technique

The technique was studied at Jefferson’s Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, with the administration of a functional MRI before and after the technique was performed.  Anxiety levels dropped significantly and there was a corresponding shift that was visible on the MRI. You can read the full article, from the Philadelphia Inquirer, here:   http://articles.philly.com/2014-07-14/news/51435785_1_cancer-patients-integrative-medicine-treatment#C3VcDj4tM6mcouXV.99